Sciatica Treatment Sydney

Sciatica can affect many people from all walks of life, it is often caused by a spinal disc herniation. This herniation is usually the cause of age-related degeneration due to injuries incurred. With time, and without sciatica treatment, it can worsen and have negative consequences on a person’s quality of life.

Sciatic pain can make it difficult to sleep and walk, sciatica is a debilitating condition that requires extra attention and care when treating it. The pain is usually described as a sharp shooting type, stemming from below the knee all the way down to the foot. This level of inflammation can persist for years and worsen if the area is not treated with regular therapy and care.

An experienced sciatica chiropractor can assess such a medical condition, understanding the reasons for its initial onset and the ways to prevent aggravating it further. Our team of Sydney Chiropractors at Clinic 27 are trained to diagnose and make recommendations specific to these conditions.

Our chiropractors will look at your spine, to see the issues and the injuries it is unable to correct on its own. Using a series of Chiropractic adjustments following the Advanced Bio structural Correction Method, the chiropractor may make small corrections to your spine in order to change the alignment of the body.

Being able to enjoy outdoor activities or go out for a simple walk without pain will directly improve a patient’s quality of life and we may be able to provide you the necessary treatment to help you achieve this.

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