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With the majority of people glued to their computers on a daily basis, poor posture has become an increasingly significant problem. Posture treatment can prevent debilitating backaches, sore necks and long-term spinal issues.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of their posture problems and let the issue worsen with time without an appropriate treatment or therapy in place. The team at Clinic 27 aims to help the people of Australia in developing better posture. We have given people the tools, tricks and therapies needed to identify their posture and ensure that they aren’t causing their bodies long-term damage.

Slouching over computers, mobile phones and other gadgets has directly affected the posture of many of us relying on these technologies on a daily basis. Not only does poor posture lead to backaches and neck pain, but it also impacts the general health and wellbeing of those affected. A bad posture may lead to a lack of confidence as well, making one feel less comfortable in their own skin.

Professional Posture Correction Treatment Sydney

Trained professionals in the matter may help realign the spine and work closely with the patient in understanding the reasons their posture was affected in the first place. This means that your chiropractor may be able to help you find tactics to prevent a poor posture in the future as well.

Treatment will then work with the aim that no further strain is placed on the spine, as a posture chiropractor can develop a clear plan of action for the patient to follow in order to maintain the alignment within.

Our attention to detail, careful assessment of individual situations and chiropractic sessions are designed to keep you upright and may help your spine long term.

It’s often difficult to maintain an upright posture when our jobs and daily lives demand otherwise. With the help of our team, we aim to keep you on track and avoid getting back to a place where poor posture affected your life.

What Does Your Posture Tell Others?

Your mother was correct. Your posture matters. 

Even at a distance, your posture is the first thing others notice. Does yours say you’re confident, certain and self-assured? Or does it disclose that you’re fearful, unsure or timid? 

Your posture concerns us. Not because it can sabotage your next business deal, make your clothes fit poorly or stall your golf game. Were interested because it profoundly affects your overall health. 

Your body reveals your health, your emotional state and your level of confidence. We are constantly adapting to gravity. Those in outer space, who temporarily escape its influence, start wasting away. Their bones become frail and their muscles weaken. Their strength and vitality decline. 

 Many golfers rely on chiropractic care to help correct postural problems, giving them more power and stamina. 

Here on earth, we use huge amounts of energy adapting to gravity. Just standing erect requires the coordination (by your

nervous system) of 200 muscles. No wonder those with poor posture complain of being tired! 

It all starts with the energy that flows over your nerves. Muscles only contract, moving bones, when commanded by your nervous system. Postural distortions are signs your nervous system is compromised. 

Poor posture is a sign that you’re not adapting well to the force of gravity, revealing underlying health problems. 

Your posture reveals the integrity of your nervous system

Your eyes monitor the horizon, giving feedback to your brain (nervous system) to keep you upright. Fluid in your inner ear constantly supplies information (nervous system) about your balance and position. Pressure sensors on each foot (nervous system) send data up the spine so you can stand without falling. 

Bones are the structural components of your body. They can’t move, dislocate or become malpositioned without muscles pulling on them. Sometimes muscles will stay contracted when they shouldn’t. This is called a muscle spasm. Postural problems usually follow. 

Every day we help people enjoy the relief they seek by consulting our office. But they also benefit from better balance, graceful movement and increased vitality because of their chiropractic care. Since many postural distortions begin in childhood, it’s especially important to have your children checked. 

A forward leaning head is a commonly overlooked postural distortion that produces profound health effects. 

How do postural distortions get started?

Your posture is a window into the condition of our nervous system. It reveals how we adapt to stress. Common examples include uncorrected physical stresses from the birth process, childhood sports injuries, automobile accidents and even unresolved emotional pressures. Our body assumes a defensive, protective posture. 

What are the early signs of postural problems?

During our examination we look for the head tilting to one side, forward head carriage, a lowered shoulder or a hip that has improperly rotated. We also look at the way you walk, unusual shoe wear or a leg that appears contracted. We encourage parents to have their children evaluated so these same issues don’t become engrained patterns early on. 

Are arthritis and posture related?

Arthritis or spinal decay can result from an abnormal, long-standing adaptation to gravity. The body deposits calcium on malfunctioning joint surfaces in an attempt to shore up or “splint” the joints. Bone spurs, and eventually fusion, can result. 

Are you looking to get your posture back to where it once was?

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