Neck Pain Treatment SYdney

These days, many of us find ourselves overextending our necks due to the slouching position we often make when we work with our computers or use our mobile phones. This often causes debilitating neck pain that will make it difficult to get through a productive day.

The team of Sydney chiropractors at Clinic 27 strives to help individuals suffering from neck injuries by finding solutions that target the root of the condition. If you or someone you know is tolerating a level of neck pain that should require treatment, then give us a call today and see if we may be able to provide them with a solution.

Some Causes of Neck Pain Symptoms

The neck is one of the most delicate parts of the human body, often prone to injury and pain. Consisting of vertebrae that extend the upper torso and the skull, the neck supports the head and its associated motions. The muscles, bones and nerves involved in this support can often get inflamed and cause severe pain to the individual.

Although this pain can be caused by obvious injury, simple motions such as bad posture and overuse can also exacerbate the pain. This directly affects the afflicted individual in their daily lives making work, play or sleep an arduous activity that causes strain. In order to alleviate the symptoms of neck pain, and the injury itself, a trained neck pain chiropractor is required to assess and treat the condition.

Rehabilitation & Realignment Of The Neck

A professional can best understand the injury in order to put forth a plan of action that will ensure rehabilitation and a realignment of the area. The trained Chiropractors at Clinic 27 have treated many cases of neck pain, which have allowed us to develop an efficient and successful strategy for tackling the condition.

The damage created by neck pain can be taxing on the body, impacting your overall functioning in ways that can be harmful in the long-term. Our practitioners use a specific technique method called Advanced Bio structural Correction (ABC) to target specific tension areas that are causing the pain.

The ABC Method as a Neck Pain Chiropractic Remedy

The ABC Method has been named as one of the best remedies on the market today, having led many individuals to long-term recovery. If you are in need of an effective strategy to deal with the pain that is preventing you from living a normal life, then let our Chiropractors help you.